Namaste Friends

You are warmly invited to join us for an afternoon of Mindful Movement on the Mat, Dream Board Crafting and Magic.

***Saturday, December 1st, 2018~2pm to 4pm***

This Event is being offered in Preparation for our Upcoming Yoga Challenge in the New Year. We have some pretty Incredible and Inspiring News coming your way so stay tuned for more Details on our Dreams & Visions for 2019~It is going to be an Epic Year of Transformation and we will be taking it very SLOW, one Morning at a time, one Breath, one Beat, for 365 Days. A little spin off the traditional Yoga Challenge that is primarily focussed on Asanas (Physical Postures), this will be an offer to......KEY WORD........PRACTICE....Living our Yoga, 
both ON & OFF the Mat. 

A minimum of 1 Minute a Day~EVERY Day~All Year. 

Ponder that idea Friends. :)

***The Next Steps to Prepare for this Full Year Yoga Challenge are on the way Loves! Tune into HERE, on our YouTube Channel, Social Media Sites and Newsletter for all the Details***

For this Gathering~"Manifest Your DREAMS":

We will begin with a Slow and Nourishing Yoga Practice for your Mind, Body & Spirit. A beautiful blend of Yin and Yang, awakening the feminine and masculine energies within and bringing Balance to our whole Being. Sprinkled throughout the Asana Practice will be moments of Stillness in Meditation, as well as Pranayama (Breathing)Techniques to encourage the Free Flow of Prana (Life Force). We will end with an extended Savasana pose, with as always at Yoga Bliss, a Healing Head Massage to soften every cell in your body. You will Melt into Bliss and be Deeply Reconnected to your Inner World~Tuned into your Magic and Unlimited Potential. This Practice will be open for All Levels and will be cozy but not HOT. A perfect Fall Flow to calm and center Mind, Body Soul. 

***Yoga will be $10 per person***

After Yoga, we will take a short break to prepare a lovely cup of comfort at our Tea Bar and then will begin to Create with our Hands, with our Imagination & with our Hearts. 

***Creating Portion is FREE***

A Dream Board, also called a Vision Board, is a lovely way to put your Dreams and Goals into Motion and begin Manifesting them into Reality. It is a very Potent Practice Friends. A beautiful VISUAL REMINDER throughout the Year of your Heart's Deepest Desires. 

What kind of Human Being do YOU wish to BE? This question alone, along with other prompts, can help guide us in selecting the right images to place on our Boards. The ones that will keep us on track and focussed. 

2019 is all about THRIVING rather than merely SURVIVING.

Resolving to Evolve

Expanding and Blossoming into our Fullest Potential. 

Together, we can BE the CHANGE we wish TO see IN our WORLD. 

This CHANGE we wish for must begin from WITHIN. 

This Challenge is designed to manifest that CHANGE. 

What we will have to Share:
Scissors, Glue, Magazines, Encouragement, Laughter & Joy.

What you will need to Bring: 
~A Small Headshot Photo of yourself to place in the Center of your Board. (You really do not need it for our time together but you will want to place it in the middle at some point, so the Dream Images are radiating all around you) 
~Decide what size, shape, color of Board you wish to use~P.S. Loves, get creative, think PAINT, GLITTER, VELVET :)
~Any Additional Magazines or Materials of your choice.
~Open Heart & Open Mind~Willing & Ready for True Change, from the INSIDE, out.

***There will be a Mind Body Event Created soon to purchase your space for the Yoga Portion. You are welcome to pay at the studio the day of as well.***

If money would keep you from joining us for this gathering, please know that you are ALWAYS welcome and our deepest desire for this offering is for you to Awaken to your Unlimited Potential. 

Sending LOVE, LIGHT and the warmest of Hugs your way on this chilly Day~Namaste

Blessings & Bliss~The Janzens