I AM Abundantly Blessed....and so are YOU!

~Namaste Bliss Tribe~

I hope everyone is having a wonderful day filled with Laughter & LOVE!

This month I am dedicating my movement to mindfulness in each moment.

It really does make a big difference in your experience lovers.

For my family, my students/my friends, our community.

I felt a deep connection this week practicing clear communication in all of my relationships.

Allowing only words of Truth to flow from my lips.

Each word was from my Heart Space.



I cherish the communication I have with my husband. The space that we create for each other to grow and blossom is so very beautiful and healing. Michael is such an amazing teacher and Human Being and I feel so blessed to share this experience with him.

Clear and Conscious Communication is key to Successful and Meaningful Relationships.


A quote I heard recently that deeply resonated with me was,

“You may be checking many things off your list and not deeply experiencing any of them.”

This stems from an underlying feeling of Lack. If we live our days feeling like we do not have enough time, we are selling ourselves short to the Richness Life has to offer.

Presence brings the Richness of Life into your Reality.

Being in the moment as it is being gifted to you is all there is. That is LIFE Lovers.

This precious space is the ONLY place where LIFE is happening.

In the NOW.

When we feel like there is not enough time we deny the gift of the present moment.

The EGO loves to put in as much activity into the day as possible.

Your full presence in the activity is what matters most.

This week we will be practicing Quality over Quantity in each experience we are gifted.

If we get lost in the fluctuating thoughts and sensations of the mind, we miss life completely.

What is happening right in front of our eyes is usually not getting the full attention it deserves.

Our minds are drifting in and out of other experiences. We may be pressing the replay button of the past or planning and plotting the unknown future.

Who knows, but most of the time we are lingering in one of these spaces.


This month, together, we will cultivate a deeper connection to the feeling of Abundance from Within.

The Affirmation I have created for this Yama is~

“I AM Abundantly Blessed”

We will glimpse into our Heart Space where the Abundant non~material Riches reside.

This is Bliss Lovers. There is a Fountain of Bliss inside of me and inside of YOU!

Under all the noise and all the distraction.

A Sacred Space Longing to be Remembered.

Longing to be Embraced.

I AM Abundantly Blessed

YOU ARE Abundantly Blessed

WE ARE ALL Abundantly Blessed in this Moment.


Waking with the Sun is Magical.

The Serenading Songbirds share the Loveliest Melodies.

The Rooster nearby salutes the Sun with his signature call.

Babies and Hubby are still wrapped in warmth while Dreaming.

It is the most Perfect time to Breathe in the new air and set my Intentions.

The Prime Time for Prayers to be Offered.


When I carve out space for Presence in the Morning it creates a

clear perspective for my day ahead. I invite you to try it this week and notice immediate benefits.

The moment your eyelids open begin to follow your breath.

Try not to leave your bed, check your cell or pour your favorite cup of comfort until you can count to Ten without being distracted by a train of thought.


This is a meditation practice I use in all of my classes at Bliss.

It has had a Profound Impact on my Life Lovers.


~To Practice effectively I suggest the Following~

Breathe in slowly through the nostrils while filling your belly. This is One.

Breathe out slowly through the nostrils or the mouth (whatever your sinuses allow in the moment) while emptying your belly. This is Two.

Repeat this process until you get to the number Ten.

This is not an easy Practice. There are many mornings that I have trouble getting past Two.

Each time you catch your mind wandering, gently bring yourself back to the present and begin again. If you cannot remember what number you were on, simply begin at One.

We are always practicing Meditation Lovers. Do not let a busy mind intimidate you.


Feeling so Blessed for the week I have been graciously gifted. It has truly been filled to the top with moments I will Cherish forever. Thank you so much to our beautiful and wonderful

Bliss Tribe for sharing this Journey with my Family.

We are so grateful for each and every one of you!


Blessings & Bliss

Darci Janzen