These classes are led by our Teachers in Training and are open to All Levels. Community classes are for Adults and are a Blend of Hatha, Vinyasa & Yin.

Slow Flow

These classes break down the poses to their core and focus on anatomical awareness. If you are new to yoga, this class is for you! It is also the perfect opportunity for seasoned students to refresh the fine details of the Yoga Practice as a whole. We are ALL beginners on this beautiful journey and we look forward to slowing down with you and tapping into inner bliss. 


Yin & ZEN

This class explores greater depth of the joints, connective tissue mobilization, and overall bodily decompression which are the signature of a Yin Yoga class experience.  Beneficial and appropriate for all levels of yogis, Yin Yoga cultivates a meditative mind-set as we journey into energetic balancing and surrender. A gentle blend of asana, pranayama, and meditation are supported with blocks, blankets, straps, and other necessary props for maximum comfort and benefits.


Harmony Vinyasa Flow

This vinyasa style class is a mindful marriage of breath and movement. Vinyasa literally translates into the movement and positioning of limbs. Our version of vinyasa focuses on slower flows that emphasize the importance of safe transitioning. You will have plenty of time to BE, to FEEL and to BREATHE in each posture. This precious space we offer also allows time to back out or to dive deeper into the asana. We love creating harmonious experiences that leave you feeling empowered and inspired.  Harmony Vinyasa Flow is open to All Levels and we cannot wait to wake up with you!

Freedom Flow

In this class students create their freedom on the mat through movement in their bodies, while focusing on alignment and mindful breathing. We explore strength and supported balance postures, safely releasing muscles through stretching, and guided through meditation to free the mind and dive into a place of deep relaxation. This is a slow flowing class, and you will leave feeling renewed and free! This class is open for all levels class and perfect for beginners!

Restorative yoga

This offering is very slow and uses a lot of props such as bolsters, blankets, straps and blocks to make the postures more luxurious. You will find deep peace in this class and we look forward to pampering you with relaxation!

Yaya yoga

Class description - Energetic + Restorative . You don’t need to “prepare” for YaYa Yoga . Come RIGHT where you are in your journey to a safe space full of compassion, understanding , love & light . Vibe & flow to hip-hop/pop/r&b and overall chill music while nourishing your mind , body , & soul . Set your intention ! Each month has a new theme to elevate your lifestyle ! YaYa Yoga is specifically hand crafted to replenish your soul with weekly affirmations . Come raise your frequency , drop your insecurities, & and learn how to manifest your deepest desires while aligning with your unique purpose on this earth . It’s a soulful class that will leave your SOUL FULL . 

Sunrise Flow

Start your day right and get moving with a vinyasa flow that will both energize you for your day and build heat, endurance, flexibility and strength. With modifications and variations for everyone, this class is suitable for all levels. Come ready to tune into your breath, calm your mind, and play in your practice!

Serenity Sanctuary

This class is offered to bring peace and calm to the end of your week. We move very slowly and stay close to the ground. You can expect more meditation, breathing exercises and a longer savasana to leave you relaxed and rejuvenated. This is a very restorative offering for your Mind, Body & Spirit.

Mindful Flow

All levels are welcome to practice this slow and steady flow with deep attention to the breath. Each student is invited and empowered to align with the depth and intensity of postures s/he needs in that particular moment. 

Chair Yoga

This offering uses a blend of both the mat and the chair to stretch and strengthen the entire body. Using a chair assists in balance and postural awareness while giving you some new ways to sprinkle yoga into your work day.


Blissful Bellies Prenatal

*Meets Wednesdays~630pm to 730pm & Saturdays~9:30am to 10:30am*

"We look forward to sharing space with you during this miraculous time in your life. The journey into Motherhood is a sacred experience that deserves full support and nourishment. As a mother of two children, Darci will create a safe environment for you to experience pure bliss for the totality of your being~ mind, body, emotions and spirit. We will explore a variety of yoga postures, breath work, relaxation skills, journaling and much more that you can utilize during pregnancy, labor and after the arrival of your sweet one. You will  feel empowered as a woman and awakened to all of your birthing options. You are sure to feel confident and calm about your new and exciting life that awaits you. Blessings & Bliss to you and your beautiful belly."

 Darci Janzen

Once cleared to exercise you & your sweet miracle(s) can join us for Mommy & Me Yoga! Such a Blissful Bonding Experience for ALL.


Mommy and Me~Ages 6 Weeks to 6 Years (gIVE OR TAKE)

*Meets Wednesdays~10:30am to 11:15am*

These classes offer women a beautiful approach to their journey into Motherhood. A perfect time to bond with your sweet one while getting precious time on your mat. Yoga is extremely beneficial to your baby and toddler by aiding with better & longer sleep, digestion and relaxation. In addition these classes are great to socialize your baby w/others. 

Every class is understanding with those "unplanned" events. Darci knows how hard it is to just get out of the house. These classes include fun for both Mother and Child(ren). Every Gathering is a Go with the Flow mind set. Each class includes Pranayama/Meditation/Relaxation and Yoga Postures that will strengthen the entire body with special emphasis on the Pelvic Floor & Abdominal Muscles. We sprinkle in fun songs for the littles and even a story time! 

Darci returned to yoga around 6 weeks after delivery and lost 80 pounds in two years. Enjoy this journey mamas because it is not meant to be rushed. We spend over 9 months with our precious babies blossoming in our bellies. Be gentle with yourself and go slow. We will be with you every sacred step of the way. You are BEAUTIFUL! Come explore the health benefits of this class and enjoy unforgettable moments with your little one(s). We love to offer mothers a safe space to breathe in patience, strength and peace.


Kidz Yoga Fairy~Ages 4 to 7 *pOTTY tRAINED PRETTY PLEASE *dROP off class*

*After School Bliss Meets Every Thursday~4pm to 5pm*

The Kidz Yoga Fairy teaches yoga to children through music, games, crafts, anatomy and story time. Studies show that practicing balance and working on yoga poses can improve kid's ability to focus and concentrate, which can help them achieve academic and social success. Yoga can also help kids develop self confidence and calmness, which can help them deal with problems and difficult emotions.  Each of the classes are uniquely designed to focus on Yoga Postures, Yoga Breath, Environmental Awareness and tapping into each child's Imagination. 


Young Yogis~Ages 8 to 12

*After School Bliss Meets Every Tuesday~4pm to 5pm*

These classes are similar to our playful Yoga Fairy classes but are designed to focus more on alignment and fundamentals of the Yoga Practice. The children at this age are very eager to deepen their understanding of the postures and breath work techniques.


*After School Bliss Meets Every Wednesday~4pm to 5pm*

The perfect ending to the long school day and a place for your teens to find peace within. This age group goes through so many emotional and physical changes and it can be a very challenging time. Teaching them how to be at home in their ever changing bodies and confident in the skin they are in are the main focus. A beautiful blend of stretching, strengthening, breathing and meditation. These classes are very similar to our adult offerings with dancing and art sprinkled in for freedom of expression and creativity.