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Darci Janzen

Creator of Yoga Bliss

Darci is a wife, mother of two boys and a lover of life. She became 200 Hour Certified at Open Doors Yoga in Boston and Nationally Registered with Yoga Alliance in May of 2012. After having her first child, Darci had a deep desire within to branch out into the younger generation, our future. She received her Children's Yoga Teacher Certification through Open Doors Yoga Boston in August of 2013. The seed was planted and has blossomed into "The Kidz Yoga Fairy" today.

 In April of 2014, Darci heard more wonderful news of a second son on the way. She had a very empowering journey in this pregnancy.  A consistent yoga practice during her entire second pregnancy prepared her for the powerful experience of bringing a Being into the world. Yoga was a key element during her pregnancy, delivery and recovery. The blissful blend of Asana, Pranayama & Meditation cultivated deep clarity and a sense of calm. She completed her Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training Program in March of 2015.

 Darci has been on a wild journey of awakening and self-discovery over the last six years. She has taught to thousands of students of all ages at studios, gyms, spas, schools, churches, businesses in Boston,  Colorado & Oklahoma. Her experience on the mat offers a unique style of yoga that is much more than a workout. She will create an unforgettable and safe journey for your mind, body and spirit. When you leave Darci's classes you are going to feel empowered and ready to embrace your unlimited potential. 

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Michael Janzen

Creator of Yoga Bliss

Michael came to Yoga in 2011 to find relief from old injuries and loved the inner peace he discovered along the way. The mental discipline of the practice assisted him in losing eighty pounds over a nine month period. He enjoys the study of the history and philosophy of yoga and tries to incorporate it into his daily life with family and business. He enjoys restorative and therapeutic yoga and hopes to bring healing benefits to others. Michael received his 200 Hour Certification from Yoga Home of Therapeutics in early 2017. 

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Lauren Wilbanks

Lauren discovered yoga 4 years ago to find holistic approaches to lift her spirit, body, and mind to transform into her best Self. She fell in love with the Self transformation from practicing yoga asana and meditation. With the goal to spread the love and light of yoga, Lauren completed her 200 Hour Certification in 2018 with Sara Alavi at Yoga Home of Therapeutics. Her intention with her students is to guide them to build confidence, gain strength, peace of mind, and relief from any pain in the body and mind. Lauren creates an experience of meditation, breath work, and a yoga flow that will give you freedom on and off the mat. Lauren offers a class for all levels and is perfect for people beginning their yoga journey.


Teresa Board

After 21 years as a professional health writer, Teresa followed her passion for yoga to teacher training at Yoga Bliss. “Yoga has been a gift to me during health challenges, helping me meet myself on the mat exactly as I am that day to nurture my body, mind, and spirit,” she says. Teresa believes radical self-welcoming is the best foundation for personal growth. Grace and peace to you!


Elizabeth Cordes Rose

Elizabeth is a physician who practices Integrative Psychiatric medicine and sees health differently than a lot of doctors. She began her yoga practice 25 years ago to help cope with the stress of medical school. Through the years she has seen the benefits of a vibrant mind-body approach and is completing a 200-hour yoga teacher certification with her husband Michael. Elizabeth is passionate about promoting wellness and views yoga as an integral part of maintaining balance in body, mind and spirit. 

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michaeL ROSE

In my day job, I have been a financial advisor for 20 years.  Early on, I realized that sitting behind a desk all day was leaving my body weak, I was beginning to have back pains, and was gaining weight through bad diet and stress.  At a suggestion from a friend, I started casually practicing yoga about 15 years ago.  I appreciated yoga’s positive aspects, including the unexpected benefits of helping me to focus and find calm in my day.  After battling cancer in 2008, I became focused on improving my overall health, and began to explore complementary approaches to wellness, including healthy cooking, organic gardening, and practicing a more regular exercise program.  Having a business background and wanting to increase my knowledge in these areas, I completed a Health Coach certification through Integrative Nutrition in 2018.  I have always appreciated that regardless of my wellness level and challenges at any given time, I am able to find benefit in yoga.  It has allowed me to remain flexible, strengthen my body, and calm my mind.  More recently, I have had the opportunity to realize the joy in practicing yoga with my wife Elizabeth, and we look forward to offering partner yoga in the future.  No matter where you are in your practice, I look forward to sharing the benefits I have found in Yoga!



Yana Mcpherson

Hi, I’m Yana McPherson & over the years I’ve realized ... it’s not a competition. I had to stop comparing myself to perfectionism . I stopped comparing myself to an “image” of how I wanted to be perceived . I needed to relax . Cue YaYa Yoga ! You see, for years I’ve suffered from severe anxiety & depression . I tend to over think everything (even this bio) & get extremely tense , especially PHYSICALLY . After I had my daughter I was overwhelmed with “WHO AM I” thoughts & feelings . I started holding tension in my neck, shoulders, & back . God & Yoga expanded me to abundance. My practice has helped me release all tension physically and mentally while nourishing my soul . YaYa Yoga is a space of positivity and love for the community I hold so deeply in my heart . I’m so excited to elevate my students along their journey & accelerate them into reaching their goals !